Żabka wants to fight for “vegetarian” wallets. Will create a new brand of meat free products. Żabka is working on a new brand of Plant Hunter – plant-based dairy products and meat alternatives, this market in Poland is worth nearly PLN 1 billion.

A group that is gaining in importance in the purchase of vegetable meat substitute among households are people up to 29 years of age, without children, with higher than average incomes, but living “in the countryside”. The fact that Zabka follows trends and focuses on the requirements of all customers has been known for along time. Vegan products reign on the shelves of the most stores. The chain can already boast of rich meat- free offer, recently, among others, meatless hot dogs with a cheese sausage or a veggie burger. Now we will be surprised again! work is underaway to introduce a new private label of  “Plant Hunter” vegan products.

Carrefour, Lidl and Biedronka, writes about a huge increase in the popularity of plant-based dairy products and meat alternatives. It recalls the data of Biedronka, which calculated that in 2020 its customers bought over 400 percent. more coconut yoghurt substitute and over 100% more tofu.

Zabka representative boast that the food is fresh and healthy, and people who reject meat cannot complain about the lack of boredom. 

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