Almost 30 percent Poles do not want to be vaccinated. This is what the IBRIS survey published in Onet shows.  Another study, carried out for the Institute of Economics, shows that as many as 64 percent were reluctant to vaccinate. This means we may not achieve the population resistance required at the level of 70-80%, which will allow us to combat the coronavirus pandemic successfully.

Jokes about vaccination are over! Some scientists want people who refuse to vaccinate against COVID-19 face all sorts of consequences!

Prof. Miłosz Parczewski, one of the prime minister’s advisers for the fight against coronavirus said, “There could be, for example, the introduction of a curfew for the unvaccinated or a ban on moving between provinces. You cannot give such people a chance to infect others.”

Dr. Krzysztof Kuszewski, an epidemiologist and former deputy minister of health said, “Vaccination against COVID-19 should be mandatory, and those who do not want to vaccinate should face financial penalties.

Prof. Włodzimierz Gut, a virologist from the National Institute of Public Health said, “Introducing a compulsory vaccination system for COVID-19 is not a simple matter, but suggests that, for example, at mass events, people who have not been vaccinated should be banned from entering.”

Few other scientists suggest that Employers must tell their employees to vaccinate. And if they don’t get vaccinated, employers should immediately break the work contract.

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