In 2021, the popular picnic falls partly on the weekend – Saturday on May 1, Sunday on May 2, and Monday on May 3. Shopping for a longer weekend should therefore be done in advance, because most stores will be closed for almost half a week.

May 1 is Labor Day, and May 3 is the Constitution Day of May 3. Both are public holidays, and on May 2 there is a non-trading Sunday.

During these three days, most stores will not be open – for example, supermarkets, discounters and hypermarkets will be closed, where many Poles buy food.

This is the second longest period of the trade ban in recent years – stores were closed longer only in December 2020 on the occasion of Christmas – then they were closed for three and a half days.

May weekend – these stores are not forbidden to trade

However, the act on the Sunday trading ban provides for a catalog of 32 exemptions. The prohibition does not apply, among others in bakeries, confectioneries, ice cream parlors, liquid fuel stations, flower shops, newspaper shops or cafes.

During the entire May weekend, it will also be possible to open outlets with their owners behind the counter. Shops which are post offices will also be open, such as Żabka or Abc stores.

From May 4, all stores in shopping centers and parks above 2,000 sq m will be opened. meters – for example, clothing, footwear, household appliances, sports and jewelery stores will be able to operate again.

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