February 16 will mark one month of India vaccination roll out and no one was noticing, the way and which this country has gone about vaccinating it’s people has been remarkable in scale and in score.

Remember in less than a month India has become the fastest country to vaccinate 6 million people, for this we took 24 days as against the US, which took 26 days to vaccinate same number of people and UK it took 46 days to reach this mark.

In this 6 million people 5.4 million were health care workers, where as 6 hundred thousand were front line workers.
On 16 June , when India started to give vaccine to its health care workers first, vaccination to front line workers started a little later from 2nd of February.

But speed is not only remarkable feature of this vaccine process, but also safety, despite the fact initially there was much paranoia about the safety and efficacy of the two vaccines, apprantly been given in India, the results shows otherwise, of the 6 million people vaccinated until 8th of February, 23 deaths have been reported. This marks 0.0004% of the total vaccination we have done so far, and no causal link of deaths to vaccination.

So how India managed to do this, so effectively and quickly. Here are the reasons ;
# Good Planning

#India used existing vaccine infra for covid jab rollout

#Digital Integration

For a country this large progress made is indeed breathtaking, but the thing is when a process this massive takes place so smoothly, sometimes we forget to appreciate the kind of intricate planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes.

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