In 2021, we will have 113 non – working days and 252 working days. The timetable of statutory holidays gives you a chance for several long weekends. We were able to enjoy the first one at the very beginning of January. Later in 2021, there will also be opportunities to extend the break from work.

When the holiday falls on a Saturday, the employer is obliged to give employees a day off for it. In 2021, we have such cases twice: May 1 and December 25. There is no additional time off for the holiday falling on Sunday.

Holidays in 2021 when to take vacation –

January 1 was Friday, so we welcomed 2021 with the first long weekend.
April; Days on which you must take off – 6,7,8 and 9
April 4 and 5 are public holidays, and we will have an additional three days off on weekends days {3, 10 and 11}
May; Days on which you must take holidays – 4,5,6 and 7
May; 4,5,6,7 [one of these days we pick up a day off for May 1 falling on Saturday. It is enough to take 3 days off to enjoy 9 days of rest.
June; Days on which you must take holidays
June 4 – In June, it is enough to use one day of vacation to have 4 days off.
November; Days on which you must take holidays
November – 2,3,4,5,8,9,10 and 12. In addition, we have days off on Nov 1, Nov 11 and on the weekends of November 6,7,13 and 14. If we take 8 days off, we will have 16 days off.

At the end of next year, the opportunity for a longer vacation will be repeated in the same way as in month and a half. Taking 4 vacation days in December 2021 and 2 vacations days in January 2022, we will get a total of 16 days off in a row. Thanks to the arrangement of holidays and weekends.

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