During the Women’s Strike demonstration in Warsaw on Saturday 28 November 2020, police officers entered the premises of the Warsaw University of Technology (Polytechnic), trying to prevent the surrounding protesters from escaping. A representative for the Warsaw police said that the officers left the campus as soon as they found out that they were there.

On Monday 30 November 2020, on the website of the Warsaw University of Technology, the official announcement of the university authorities regarding the police activities that took place at the university appeared.

In connection with the controversial intervention of the police at the Warsaw University of Technology, the university authorities decided to request explanations in this matter. “The Rector sent a letter to the Capital Commander of the Police, summoning him to present the circumstances of taking action by the services at the University, to explain the reasons for the incident and to ensure that no similar events will take place in the future.

“State services responsible for maintaining public order and internal security may enter the university’s premises only in two cases: at the rector’s call or in the event of a direct threat to life or human health, or a natural disaster. To our knowledge, neither of these circumstances occurred”

The Students’ Antifascist Committee operating at PW, which informed about the whole case in social media, demands an apology and taking consequences for those responsible for breaking the university’s autonomy. “As a community of Warsaw students, we demand an official apology and consequences for those guilty of violations by the police commander Jarosław Szymczyk” – students wrote on Facebook.