Warsaw’s Varso Tower has become the tallest building in the European Union after the installation of its 80-metre spire, its developer has said.

With its architecture height of 310 metres, Varso Tower is now the tallest building in the 27-Nation Block, surpassing existing Skyscrapers in Frankfurt, Milan and Paris, according to international real estate developer HB Reavis.

Earlier, after reaching a roof height of 230 metres, the high-rise became the tallest building in Poland. The 53- storey skyscraper is being developed by HB Reavis.

Scheduled for completion next year, the building will feature two abservation decks, at 205 and 250 metres, twice as high as the viewing deck of the nearby palace of culture and science.

The Complex comprises offices, a hotel, an innovation centre and a shopping and service arcade.

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