There are three things Indians love ardently; Cricket, Food, and Bollywood. Imagine if these three or a combination of two emerges, it is a double whammy for us.

In Gujrat’s Ahmedabad, a high end hotel came up with a 5-feet long thaali filled with delicious Gujrati dishes. It is called ‘Motera Thali’ and has a cricket- themed menu.

Each of the dishes is named after the players in the Indian Cricket team. They include ‘Dhoni Khichdi’, ‘Kholi Khaman’, Bhuvaneshwar Bharta’,’ Rohit Aloo Rashila’, ‘Harbhajan Handvo’, ‘Bouncer Basundi’, ‘ Bumrah Bhindi’, and the like.

A ‘Motera Thali Challenge’ has also been launched to garner the public’s attention. The person who takes it up has to finish it in an hour. Here, he or she can take help from their family and friends, but not more than four people. This is a part of the ‘Cricket Raas’ festival to celebrate the cricket team’s brilliant performance in the test series against England. Now, the men in blue are all set to play them in the T20 series that will be played in the newly -renovated Narendra Modi Stadium.

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