On Wednesday in Siedlce at ul. On 3 Maja 60, the first Vollmart hard discount store in Poland was opened. What can you buy? First of all, food, beverages , chemicals and industrial products. A total of 1,200 assortment items, mainly from Polish suppliers and producers.

– Lots of clients came. We already had a line at the opening. We are satisfied with the assortment. We believe that there is an optimal amount of it. There are also well-known brands that attract the attention of customers. This is also the thing that distinguishes us from other hard discounters that only rely on their own brands. People have full baskets, there is always something happening at the cash registers – says Joanna Bielecka, manager of the purchasing department at Vollmart.

What distinguishes the products? First of all, prices. Network representatives claim that their products can be bought by up to 20 percent. cheaper than competitors. It turned out to be possible thanks to the elimination of elements that are not necessary for the store’s operation. There are no newspapers, shelves or other equipment. Products can be taken straight from pallets and boxes.

And so: for a set of 10 metal hangers we will pay PLN 7.96, less than PLN 10 for a doormat that can be placed in front of the entrance to the house. A mix of vegetables (460 g carrots with peas) costs PLN 2.47, and a jar of beets (470 g) – PLN 1.73.

For a small jar of beetroot (290 g) we will pay 1.54 PLN, for natural sour rye soup (500 ml) 1.3 PLN. We will also not get poor in the sweets section. 150 g of fruit candy costs 1.3 PLN, 400 g of marble cake – 4.51 PLN, plums in chocolate (250 g) – 7.38 PLN, and marshmallow – less than 8 PLN. Enthusiasts of healthier snacks will pay PLN 18.50 for half a kilo of Brazil nuts and PLN 10 for a pack of a student mix.

At the discount, we will also find a lot of chemicals, both private labels and from popular manufacturers. We will pay PLN 2 for the soap (500 ml), PLN 4.85 for a universal liquid from a well-known brand, PLN 1.19 for a toilet cube, PLN 2.62 for a toilet gel. On the other hand, in the industrial section, the price of a cutting board is PLN 6.44, a frying pan – PLN 8, a set of tablespoons – PLN 3.91.

“The prices are low indeed, but there are a lot of things missing,” said Mrs. Ilona, ​​who was shopping at the store. – I paid about PLN 1 for a toilet ankle, and PLN 5 for chocolate crisps. In other discount stores, I would probably have to spend more. But I didn’t find cotton pads or tea, so I’ll have to walk to the store opposite, she added.

What else will we not find? Bread, both fresh and packaged, dairy products, cheese, milk, eggs. The store also does not find fresh meats, alcohol, oil, sugar and spices.
– At the moment, we are constantly working hard on increasing the assortment for our client. In addition to the Vollmart pricing policy, i.e. a minimum guarantee of -20%. market prices, our modern hard discount is also characterized by the high quality of the goods offered, therefore the Sales Department is constantly looking for the best products for our customers. The assortment will therefore expand and rotate depending on the preferences of customers – explains Joanna Bielecka.


The Vollmart network was created by the famous businessman Wiktor Sawosz. More stores are to be opened in cities with at least 50,000 inhabitants. The next stage is expansion to foreign markets. For now, Vollmart will work in a stationary format, but soon the offer will also be available online.

Vollmart is yet another attempt to appear in the hard discount format. Let us remind you that the Russian chain Mere made its debut in Poland with a similar concept in Częstochowa last year . A few years ago, a discount Promo Market was launched in Piotrków Trybunalski (it no longer works).

Also Aldi, a German discount chain, plans to conquer Poland – in 2021 it wants to open 45 stores, thanks to which the brand will be available in most provinces in Poland.



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