US President Joe Biden signed a proclamation late last week recognizing October 11 as “General Pulaski Memorial Day”.

“On this day, we celebrate the life of General Kazimierz Pulaski and the democratic ideals and values ​​for which he so courageously gave his life – values ​​shared by the United States and Poland, and which form the basis of the enduring bond of friendship between our two countries” – US President Joe Biden on the occasion.

Kazimierz Pułaski died on October 11, 1779, of wounds sustained at the Battle of Savannah. He is one of the most renowned foreigners to have fought for the independence of the United States. There are many monuments dedicated to him all over the country. Various towns, bridges, and highways in the US have been named after him. Pulaski Square and the monument in Monterey Square pay homage to his legacy. And also, Pulaski is one of only eight people in the history of the US to have received honorary American citizenship.


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