A few days ago, a quite controversial idea had been discussed in Krakow. One of the councilors suggested that from July 1, for 12 months, people who are not vaccinated should not be able to use public transport. Many negative comments on this topic came from residents on social media. Moreover, it should be taken into account that, vaccination is voluntary, so such a ban would have a questionable legal validity. Secondly, not all volunteers will receive the second dose of the vaccine by July 1.

On the contrary, transport authorities in Warsaw, says that such a rule is not necessary. “We have studies carried out in Western countries on whether there are large numbers of infections in public transport there. Everything indicates that if we follow the safety rules, public transportation is safe. Of course, distance must be kept” – said the city councilor Marek Szolc.

Wrocław follows a different trail. They decided to loosen the restrictions. Zones designated for drivers in public transport vehicles will be removed. Passengers can also use the first door.

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