In an appeal to India, Ukrainian diplomat Igor Polikha has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to tell Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop any more military adventure. “Modi-ji is one of the most powerful and respected leaders of the world. You know that you have a special privileged strategic partnership with Russia. I don’t know how many world leaders (Russian President) Putin may listen to. However, the status of Modi-ji makes me hopeful that because of his strong voice, Putin at least thinks over. We are expecting a much more favorable attitude of the Indian government in this crisis situation,” said Polikha, a veteran Ukrainian diplomat who speaks fluent Hindi.

Hours later, Indian PM had a phone conversation with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Modi reiterated India’s position that the differences between Russia and Nato can be resolved only through honest and sincere dialogue. Putin briefed Modi on the recent developments. Modi appealed for immediate cessation of violence and called for concerted efforts from all sides to return to diplomatic negotiations and dialogue.

Modi also expressed India’s concerns on the safety of Indian citizens in Ukraine, including students, and conveyed that India attached the highest priority to their safe return, the statement said. The leaders agreed that their officials and diplomatic teams would continue to maintain regular contacts on issues of topical interest.

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