The U.S. Secretary of State commented on the friendship between both countries, he wrote that “The friendship shared by the United States and Poland traces its origins to the late 18th century when our countries adopted our respective constitutions, shaping the democratic institutions that protect our citizens’ liberty, security and prosperity. Since then, our relationship has continued to grow and strengthen. We now collaborate on a wide range of global threats and challenges — through NATO, the U.S.-Poland Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, the Three Seas Initiative, and myriad other ways”.

The U.S. Secretary of State concluded the press release by emphasising that “As an enduring Ally and friend, the United States extends warm wishes to all Poles on this special day, and we look forward to deepening and expanding our Transatlantic partnership in the years to come”.

“The enemies of freedom could not stand the Constitution of May 3. Our ancestors wanted to consolidate freedom and defend the threatened independence, therefore they decided to implement a great political reform,” Polish President Andrzej Duda said on the 230th anniversary of the May 3 Constitution. He delivered his speech in the Sejm during the ceremonial assembly of the Polish and Lithuanian parliaments.

“On the day when the historical past meets the present so tangibly, we listen to the message of our ancestors, because it is a testimony of their wisdom, responsibility and patriotism,” the President said, adding that the Constitution of May 3 is a Polish-Lithuanian heritage, significant for development European and world civilisation.”

“The adoption of the first constitution in Europe and the second worldwide was proof that the Republic of Poland was at full strength, ready to live and develop in accordance with the rhythm of modernity,” Andrzej Duda stressed, adding that the Republic of Poland, which was then perceived by some as “a peripheral country”, became a precursor of changes by introducing a new political and social order.

The authors of the Constitution of May 3 were: King Stanisław August Poniatowski, Ignacy Potocki, Hugo Kołłątaj and Stanisław Małachowski.

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