For the first time ever in the History, Education for School students had transitioned to a virtual learning format due to coronavirus outbreak. It was the longest period ever in Poland for students to learn online, from November 2020 to May 2021.

Teaching online is not an easy task. Teachers at every grade level had to adapt and learn new methods to educate their students; dealing with many roadblocks and problematic issues, they were not accustomed to! Privacy concerns raised when teachers require their students to have their cameras on for the entirety of the Zoom meetings. Since most students were on mute and many left their cameras off, this caused the teachers to lack a sense of connection with their class, often making it hard to know if they were even there.

Now, finally the virtual learning format has come to an end, and hope it will not return. Though many parents were unhappy with the online education, some schools quickly got adapted to the new way of teaching and managed it very well. This made us curious to know which International school in Poland performed well.

There are roughly 43 International schools in Poland. To know the result, we managed to conduct a survey with the parents of about 38 International schools in Poland. Based on that, we have chosen the TOP 5 schools, that got the highest parent satisfaction rate.

Watch the video below to know the results..

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