A spectacular, technologically motivated Opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics 2020 kicked off yesterday evening. With no fans in attendance and a reduced number of athletes joining the parade, tennis star Naomi Osaka lit the cauldron.

Belated and beleaguered, the virus-delayed Tokyo Summer Olympics finally opened Friday night with cascading fireworks and made-for-TV choreography that unfolded in a near-empty stadium, a colorful but strangely subdued ceremony that set a striking tone to match a unique pandemic Games. The National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo bore witness to a tech spectacle, with 1824 drones coming together to form the Tokyo 2020 emblem.

India’s entry was quiet and no extraordinary. Mary Kom and Manpreet Singh led the Indian contingent during the Parade of Nations. PM Narendra Modiji, who was watching the live broadcast of this ceremony, stood on this occasion and encouraged them by applauding.  

Poland’s entry was beautiful. Maja Wloszczowska, a mountain biker, and Pawel Korzeniowski, a swimmer led the Polish contingent during the Parade of Nations. However, one of the athletes had a wrong flag – Singapore’s flag, which resembles to polish flag.

Hope you all had a chance to watch it. If you missed it, here is the link where you can watch:

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