Celebrating the first day of spring on 21 March is an ancient pagan tradition in Poland. It requires the drowning of the witch called Marzanna. It is a puppet made especially for this occasion. It is a tradition for people to make dolls that resemble winter, and then take them out into water or burn them on this day, as if to say good-bye to winter.  – Don’t you think, it resembles an Indian festival?

In Poland, this day is also called Truant’s Day. It means that students don’t go to school, they just skip their classes. Teachers either organize trips for students to cinema or to a playground. Or they simply give free time for children to take a break from regular lessons. However, it seems that this tradition could not take place last year as well as this year, because of the online lessons.

In the old times, people were also painting eggs (which are a symbol of new life) because of the 1st day of spring. Also, they were pouring water on each other because it meant to be good for their health. Those traditions were taken over by Christians and in this way they have become Easter ones.

There is a very old polish song, especially for kids that relates to the drowning of Marzanna. Watch the video below:

The lyrics of this song:

  • Wiosna już nadchodzi, zima odejść nie chce, nocą jeszcze mrozi, śniegiem prószy jeszcze.
  • Marzanno, Marzanno, ty zimowa panno, dziś cię utopimy, bo nie chcemy zimy (x2)
  • Odpłyń wraz z lodami, daleko do morza, niechaj wreszcie przyjdzie do nas wiosna hoża.
  • Marzanno, Marzanno, ty zimowa panno, dziś cię utopimy, bo nie chcemy zimy (x2)

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