On the night of October 30-31, we change from summer to wintertime. Thanks to this, we will sleep an hour longer. We will move the hands of the clocks on Sunday from 3.00 am to 2.00 am.

The time change takes place twice a year – in March and October. Daylight saving time is takes place in about 70 countries around the world. Poland first observed Daylight Saving Time in 1916. Poland has observed DST for 67 years between 1916 and 2021. Previous time with no Daylight Saving Time was 1976.

In Poland, the change of time is regulated by the regulation of the Prime Minister. The last such regulation was issued on November 3, 2016. Daylight saving time 2021 in Poland began at 02:00 on Sunday, March 28 and ended at 03:00 on Sunday, October 31.

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