It’s becoming clearer that in the not-too-distant future, international travelers will require some sort of vaccine passport or vaccine certificate, as a growing number of countries get behind the idea. The appeal is that these documents would allow countries to clear travelers upon entry without the need for quarantining and testing requirements.

The United Kingdom is preparing a certification system that would allow inoculated citizens to travel abroad this summer. EU is also mulling the idea of creating a common EU-established vaccination certificate.

While they wait for an EU-wide vaccination certificate to become available, some European union member states are already or will soon be issuing their own certificates to citizens who have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

On January 21, Iceland became the first European country to provide Covid-19 certificate. Denmark and Sweden announced they will also roll out digital passports. Spain is also toying this idea.

Poland also launched a digital vaccine passport last month, citizens who get two doses of the vaccine receive a confirmation document with a unique QR code that is downloadable only from the traveller’s personal public health account. A printed version is available to those who do not have smartphones.

If a country-by country solution sounds scattershot and cumbersome, the World Health Organisation [WHO] is also working on a vaccine certification solution that can roll out on a global scale.

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