There will be some loosening of the restrictions, but it will not be anything spectacular – this is how officials announced. On, Tuesday, the head of government is to announce decisions on restrictions. According to unofficial RMF FM reports, the government intends to announce some changes regarding the functioning of the economy in February.
There is an opening of shops in shopping malls and the opening of hotels on the table. In the second week of January, the government extended the restrictions until the end of month. According to the information, a team of experts is meeting at the Ministry of Development, Labour regarding restrictions tomorrow at 8.00

Prof. Horbon assessed that it is not yet the time to defrost the economy. Let’s wait, let’s not rush yet. Because all our efforts made over the last one year. which were very powerful, can go haywire, demolish social life, take a toll. In his opinion, lifting the restrictions should take place after vaccinating the vast majority of people over 70 years of age.It will take place gradually.

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