During the press conference today, the health minister of Poland, pointed to the worrying trend of increasing infections, observed in recent days. He noted that 17.2 thousand new cases reported on Wednesday which is about 10% more than last week.

During the conference when he was asked about introducing new restrictions in Poland, he replied, “Depending on the situation, we will make decisions”.

“During the last 6 days we observe systematic increase in infections; we believe that this is a temporary situation caused due to the holiday period and an increase in the number of tests performed.”, said Niedzielski.

When he was asked if students will return back to school or it will continue online, he replied, “We have a period ahead of us when the children will return to school. If there is an escalation of infections there, then we have a two-week winter break, which corresponds to the period of isolation. And this break will naturally stop the epidemic from spreading.”

This shows that, most probably the students will return back to school as per the plan, on the 10 January 2022. According to the minister, the number of infections is likely to decline in the next few weeks.

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