Today the health minister of Poland had a conference with media. He said, “Poland is about to face the fifth wave of Pandemic. The Number of new cases today might reach up to 20,000. And during the mid of February 2022, the number of new cases might reach 60,000 per day.”

The MOCOS center, which presented the forecast on 5 January 2022, assumes that by the end of January, there might be 120,000 new cases per day. Meanwhile, the ICM center predicted that by the end of January, there might be 140,000 new cases per day.

Health minister added that the government is on process of making plans on how to fight with such a huge amount of new infections. New restrictions might come up very soon in Poland. In addition, the districts where the number of cases are high, the rule of wearing mask in all public places could be implemented soon.

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