A devastating storm, Hendrik from Germany had approached Poland. The warning is of the second degree, which means that dangerous meteorological phenomena are expected to occur, causing high material losses and a threat to health and life. IMW recommends extreme caution and asks you to follow weather reports.

The strong wind over Poland has affected daily life in Poland. Huge traffic can be found in many areas of Poland, due to the uproot of trees. Four people are dead and a few are injured as of the report claimed by Polish media.

A strong wind hit Poland today before noon. Due to this, there are a number of difficulties, including in public transport. Trees are falling on the train or tram tracks, there are problems with the traction network, and there is also no electricity in quite a few streets of the major cities in Poland. The storm in the Baltic Sea calmed down, but temporarily. Soon the wind is to gain strength – IMGW spokesman Grzegorz Walijewski said. According to the institute’s warning, it is supposed to blow up to 11 on the Beaufort scale

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