The London- based company Henley and partners has been comparing passports according to the level of freedom to travel around the world Since 2006. The ranking assesses 199 passports from around the world, taking into account annual changes in visa agreements between countries.

The holder of a Polish travel document, ranked 11th, can travel visa- free to 181 countries. The Polish passport rose from the 16th position it held in 2019 to 11th in 2021. Two years ago, it allowed visa- free travel to 172 countries, currently up to 181.

Japan came first in the ranking, followed by Singapore, Germany and South Korea. The index placed India at 85 position, holder of the Indian passport have visa- free access to 58 countries, and require a visa on arrival for 27 countries. The Afgan passport, allowing its holder to travel visa-free to only 26 countries, was rated the lowest. This trend is likely to continue when international travels returns to normal.

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