At the press conference today, Poland’s Prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki announced the implementation of the financial shield 2.0.

The economy is giving positive signals despite the pandemic. We see a light in the tunnel in forecasts for Poland. It is possible that we will overcome the pandemic crisis already in 2021, but we need to be careful now. We want to avoid another wave of the pandemic. Today we are implementing Shield 2.0 – the Polish Prime Minister announced at a press conference today.

Companies can apply for funds from the new Shield in the coming days. Shield 2.0 is atleast PLN 35 to 40 billion, PLN 3 billion for micro-enterprises, PLN 5 billion for small businesses; for medium and large ones is the remaining PLN 25-27 billion. The government assures that if help is also needed in January, February, March, it will still be available. The head of government emphasized that it is primarily about entities operating in tourism, culture, entertainment and gastronomy. There are about 40 different branches of activity in total.