We are now in 2021, as we all know 2020 was not as normal as it used to be, we’d great expectation from 2021′ we all want things to get, ‘back to normal ‘quickly but we also be ready to except the new normal.

The new trends that will rule in 2021 —

WORK FROM HOME – It takes a toll on people’s psychologically, it blurred the line between office and home, we crave for office environment sometimes, but still there are some good points like, it saves fuel, no commute stress lesser air pollution, flexible hours and last but not the least it’s a blessing for working mothers.

ONLINE EDUCATION — The class room moved into laptops and smartphones in 2020, and it’s going to stay here longer. The benefits are many, Hours can be flexible, Accessibility for special need child is easy, location independence, student can enrol in far distance school, even any school in world.

DIGITAL CURRENCY — Hard to believe, but it is the future, Crypto Currency like Bitcoin, and Ethereum had proven resilience during Pandemic, investor interest in them had risen drastically. Government of different countries is still skeptical, it’s just the matter of time, before they allow it. Reason – it cuts cost of printing, payment could be made quickly and inexpensively.

DIGITAL HEALTH PASSPORT — A digital record of your health with data on preexisting Medical condition, using it means you don’t have to repeat your record every time. It may soon become a standard solution for all airpots, hotels, cinemas, concert venues for all of us.

Food — You will go in a restaurant order a chicken nuggets, but without a guilt conscious as no animal is slaughtered no animal is harmed for it, the piece of meat is grown in a lab, and that is a future, Lab grown meat. It looks and taste same just like real. Singapore has become the first country to sell it.

ADVANCED SOLDIERS — In France the Defence Ministry is working to improve the Physical and Cognitive abilities of soldiers to fight wars. France has approve research on developing ENHANCED SOLDIERS. The soldiers resistant to pain, magnified physiological skills and extra brain power. Who can stay awake for longer periods, by planting Microchips inside soldiers to improve their cerebral capacity. France maintained that it will draw clear ethical guidelines for these technologies.

THE INTERNET OF THINGS — Our gadgets will talk to each other, a massive web of interconnected devices spanning everything from smartphones to kitchen appliances.

5G — The fifth generation mobile network, greater Bandwidth, higher download speed.

VITUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY — These are primarily been used for gaming so far in 2021 expect this trend to fully integrated in our daily lives, in Entertainment, education, Marketing, Surgeries.

If 2020 was about survival 2021 is going to consciously shaping our future in all spheres of our life.



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