The third wave of epidemic has accelerated. The HealthMinistry informed that the more contagious and more dangerous British variant of the Coronavirus is already responsible for half of all new infection in Poland.

Lockdown for Easter. The government introduces three weeks of restrictions. Hotels, shopping malls, museums and theaters will be closed again, and students from grades 1-3 will return to learning remotely. The decision takes effect on March 20. This means that from March 20 to April 9, the following will be closed-

Shopping centers – with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, saloons, bookstores, pet stores.

Fitness club and gyms

Swimming pools- except medical activity or national team

Saunas. solariums, Turkish baths, slimming saloons


Theaters, museums, art galleries.


Ski slopes

We conduct systematic research to verify the presence of this virus in the overall sample base. Data from yesterday say that this percentage of British mutation has already reached 54 percent. This growth is extremely dynamic.

The number of tests is increasing. In the last week, we have increase in the occupancy of the bed base by over 3,00

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