Now everyone has access to a search engine for accommodation facilities in the city and can check whether the apartment or room they are going to work legally. The application for organizing data on accommodation facilities, has been launched. The search engine allows you to check whether a given facility, i.e. a list that the local government is obliged to keep by law.

Krakow – as the first city in Poland -provides a modern tool to carry out this task at the highest level, also technically, that will organize short-term tourist rentals and will help legalizing this type of activity.

The need to create such a tool was also indicated by numerous signals coming from Krakow’s entrepreneurs, residents, students and tourists.

From the announcement, we thought that the application would be available for smartphones, but it turns out that not entirely – The eKON application is a web application. Access to it is made via a web browser, eg IE, Chrome or Firefox. The application on all operating systems with installed web browsers.

Krakow’s register of accommodation is actually contained in two files of a spreadsheet and these data will be made available in the form of new application. thanks to which it will be possible to search for any facility on the map and verify the legality of the accommodation.

There are currently almost 1,650 short-term rental facilities in Krakow, offering over 32.1 thousand beds- this is how many activities have been registered by officials.

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