The film which is garnering lots of waves in India, is a story largely focused on one household, it also deals with the politics around the entry of women in Sabrimala Temple, Kerala. Discrimination begins from home believes the director of the film, Jeo Baby, and is not thinking of his next film at the moment.

He explores the insidious nature of patriarchy that chains women to backbreaking but thankless routine of household chores. “After my marriage I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and i felt that the kitchen was hell”.
The film available on the streaming platform Neestream, has received heartwarming reviews. The story of The Great Indian Kitchen revolves around a nameless newlywed couple. What the movie is showing is nothing new, this characters are every where in our society.

Problem is women don’t see it as a trouble and are part of the system. They are not aware what they are doing. They think it’s the responsibility of a good women, as they hear it since their childhood. But women too need freedom in the house as well as outside.

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