Another group will join the vaccination program in Poland. The Minister of Health informed that on Monday, May 17, registration for people aged 16-18 is planned.

  • The regulation in this matter may be signed on Friday, May 14. If so, registration will start on Monday, May 17th
  • The minister reminds that the parent or legal guardian must consent to the vaccination of the child, but does not have to accompany him when administering the preparation

 On Sunday, we want to provide a new form, because this form for children, i.e. for people aged 16-18 must have an additional element in the form of parental consent and there is a separate section devoted to this consent , where you have to enter basic data and simply provide information about the consent – he added.

– I recommend that all interested parties go to the MZ website on Sunday and download this form in order to get ready for vaccination and, of course, to register on Monday – he noted and informed that although the consent of the parent or guardian for the administration of the preparation will be required, it is not they will have to accompany the vaccination immediately.

Vaccinations of teenagers – originally planned for June

The decision to start registration for people aged 16-18 may indicate that the public interest in receiving vaccinations is still low. Only a few days ago it was reported that the inclusion of adolescents in the vaccination program is planned for June.

The Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 has been tested in clinical trials for its administration to adolescents aged 16-18 years. The registration was made in December 2020. The next stage may be vaccinating children from the age of 12 during the summer holidays. – If the adult vaccination system is completed, I think that such a process is justified. One in five people who are ill are children, he reminded.

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