The newest exhibition “The future is in us” by Copernicus Science center is a chance to meet innovations and the latest developments in science. The first part of the “The future is in us” exhibition on artificial intelligence, is officially opened to visitors. The display is full of unusual exhibits that show how artificial intelligence works.

The exhibition consists of about 80 exhibits and is the first of three parts of the “The future is in us” exhibition. The next parts of the exhibition will be available in spring and autumn 2022.

The exhibition poses a question about the limits of trust and security, it also shows the complex relationship between man and machine. One of the most exciting exhibits is the autonomous car. “It is a very luxurious car that can manoeuvre without a driver,” Robert Firmhofer, the head of the Copernicus Science Centre said.

The new exhibition also shows amazing robots that evoke different emotions in visitors, Katarzyna Nowicka from the Copernicus Science Center stressed. “We will also have exhibits that will show a more artistic side of artificial intelligence, i.e. robots that paint, robots that create music, and even robots that enter the deeper, more intimate sphere of our lives, such as Baby-Clone, the life’s end machine, or the Santo robot, which is a companion in prayer,” she added.

The “Trustbot” is an exhibit presented at the science center that is supposed to examine how much a person would trust a machine. A person can entrust their phone to the machine, this phone will be taken five meters up and then dropped. The machine’s purpose is now to catch the falling phone, exhibition manager, Patrycja Strzetelska said.

Source: Centrum Nauki Kopernik, polandin

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