The first set of vaccines, which is 10,000 doses, has reached Poland last night from the Belgian Pfizer warehouse in Puurs. Vaccines are transported by bus in two special cartons with dry ice at ultra-low temperature of about -75 degrees Celsius.

Pfizer will deliver another 300,000 doses to Poland by next week. As Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced, One and a half million doses should reach Poland by the end of January. They will be divided as two parts. One part will remain in the agency’s warehouse, the other will go to the centers where the vaccination will take place. This division is due to the fact that the vaccine is a two-dose vaccine. To be effective, the second dose should be taken after 3-4 weeks.

Healthcare sector employees (e.g. doctors, nurses and pharmacists et.), employees of DPS and MOPS as well as administrative staff in medical facilities, including sanitary and epidemiological centers, are the ones who will be vaccinated first. Then seniors, uniformed services, teachers etc. The last ones would be the ordinary residents, which is speculated as no earlier than 2022.

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