As mysterious monoliths are spotted all around the world, one was found in India, too. It was spotted at the Symphony Park in Ahmedabad, two weeks ago on 30 December 2020. The structure was made of metal and was nearly 6 feet tall.

Now, the monolith has disappeared and has been replaced by a metallic sphere and an anonymous note. The note requests the people to direct their attention to the natural beauty around us. Many tourists were in the area just to see the monolith. However, they had to return disappointed, as the monolith was gone.

The mysterious monolith had created quite a buzz among the local population. However, no one could ever explain to the purpose of this object. There are also many theories behind the mysterious appearances of the monoliths. Some claim that these monoliths are artefacts left on earth by an alien race, while some suggest that they are artworks created and installed by Artists.

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