Before pandemic, the price of fuel was about 5.00 PLN per liter. At the beginning of Pandemic, the price of fuel in Poland went down drastically. On May 2020, the price was about 3.80 PLN per Liter. Until the end of 2020, the price remained less than 4.50 PLN per liter. Now it will be back to the normal price, which was before pandemic. Some speculate that the price will reach up to 6.00 PLN per liter during summer 2021. Today 17 Feb 2021, the price was about 4.71 PLN.

Do you know which country has the cheapest price? And which one the most expensive?

Venezuela has the cheapest price, just $0.02 (about 0.08 PLN) per liter, followed by Iran $0.06 (about 0.22 PLN). Among the top ten cheapest, six countries are located in Asia, three in Africa, and one in South America. Hong Kong has the most expensive price of $2.30 (about 8.58 PLN), followed by Central African Rep. and Syria.

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