Recently Polish Government had tightened Sunday Trade ban by introducing new laws, which came into force from 1 February 2022. When the Sunday Trade ban was introduced in 2018, shop owners came up with new ideas how to keep it open. Few shops started displaying art works to show the shop as an art gallery. In 2021, there were few peculiar rash of contracts concluded between courier companies and retail chains. As a result, courier services were introduced in other stores, and chains began to open their stores on non-trading Sundays.

Now again to avoid Sunday Trade ban, few supermarkets have come up with new ideas.

In Torun, a supermarket called Inter Marche (Inter-Market) at Ugory Street renamed their market as “Inter-Reading Room” and it was open last Sunday!  They had a reading club in their market with six seats and few books for customers!

Lidl announced that vending machines with books will soon be available in the first 11 stores across Poland. This may allow the opening of stores on Sunday, although they have not officially informed about the opening on Sundays.

The Inter Marche supermarket in Cieszyn decided to take advantage of the fact that there is a bus stop nearby and changed its name to a bus station to bypass the trade ban.

Will Carrefour be renamed as a Café? Will Biedronka be renamed as a Book house? Only time will show us!

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