2021 Women’s Day Special!

It is hard to imagine a world without women. They play a significant role in our lives be it as mothers, sisters, daughters or friends. Women add color to our lives. Every life begins with a woman. Though, they struggle a lot in the World where men dominate, women still shine and have reached the top level in so many areas.

We wish all the lovely and beautiful Ladies from Poland, India and the rest of the World, a very happy women’s day.

As today is a special day, 8 March, a day dedicated for women, SARA from IPnews has an interesting report, a conversation with one of the vibrant women, an Indian citizen living in Poland – Manu Dandu.

Manu Dandu, is the founder of Charkha, founder of Indie Beats dance group, an IT professional, and most interestingly, the Director of Razvi Events, which is the leading organization in Poland, that promotes Indian culture.

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