A sovereign fund is a state owned investment fund comprised of money generated by the government.

Some countries have Sovereign wealth funds that can be similar to Venture capital for private sector.The top five largest SWFs by assets as of August 2020 included, Norway, Chine, Abu- Dhabi, Kuwait, Hong Kong.
India supasses China —
India has quietly replaced China as the most sought after destination for global Sovereign wealth funds investment in the private sector — a sign of the country’s growing attraction for investors.
India got 3 times investment from SWF .In the year 2020 to date ,these funds deployed capital worth a record $14.8 billion in India.which is nearly 3 times more what they have put in China [$4.5 billion].
Where is the money coming from – Abu- Dhabi Investment Authority, Public Investment Fund [Saudi Arabia], Mubadala [UAE], Investment Corporation of Dubai, Kuwait Investment Authority.



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