IMGW Observer informed that during the night of January 12-13, there was a snowstorm in few parts of Poland. Slight snowfall started around 6pm on 12 January and it intensified during the late night. Snowstorm may occur during the day on 13 January. You can expect snow with rain, or snow with strong wind. Thunderstorms are extremely rare phenomena, but under certain conditions, they can happen.

Earlier this month, weather forecast predicted that in Poland, the temperature in the second half of January would drop to -16 ° C, bringing about 20 cm of snow. According to meteorologists, around January 16-17, a “beast from the East” will arrive, bringing with it extremely low temperatures.

As per the forecast, the temperature in the capitol of Poland will be around -14 ° C on Friday 15 January 2021. In addition, if there will be a strong wind, then the real feel will be below -35° C

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