There is difference of opinion among the European countries for this holiday season.Some are open for tourists, but some are very cautious while lifting the ban, and open Ski resorts for people coming from abroad.

The heads of France, Germany and Italy have already announced that the ski resorts of these countries will not start operating in January at the earliest.Switzerland is the only country open for tourist.


Austrian authorities announced that ski lifts will open on 24 December.Covid measures are well taken care of, number of gondola lifts and the number of available places has been reduced by half.when using them, you will have to follow sanitary measures, like cover your mouth and nose and maintain a safe distance.
However, restaurants, bars and hotels will remain closed, this means skiing is practically available for local residents only.Hotels will be open from 7 of January.
quarantine rules are still quite strict for people coming from abroad. The countries where the infected numbers are higher more than 100,000 in less than two weeks are among them.Poland also fall in this group, which have strict quarantine rules.


French authorities already been announced that the ski lifts in France will be closed at least until January. Authorities will introduce stricter measures to discourage skiers from going to other countries during winter break. French people mostly love to visit Switzerland,Prime minister Jean Castex confirmed that after returning to France, a weak long quarantine is imposed on them.
Macron also insisted the decision to open Ski resort in European union should be taken collectively. Countries are reminding its people that leaving the country would require quarantine after returning back.


The country’s Prime minister Guiseppe Conte announced the Ski resorts in Italy will be closed until January 6. he, cautioned all the European countries to remain closed, as opening them threatens to create a new wave of infections.


Skiing stations in Switzerland are opened and bursting but with new safety measures. this includes limiting the number of guests at hotels and skiers on ski lifts.wearing mask and maintaining social distance is obligatory.


The largest Ski resort in Catalonia in Spain, is ready to receive the first tourists before Christmas, their restart depends on easing the general restrictions imposed by the regional authorities.


They are yet to take decision about opening their ski resort, same with Slovenia and Slovakia. According to the agencies, ski stations in Serbia and Bulgaria are preparing for the ski season.


Poland authorities have been decided to keep the ski slopes open for general public, with compliance with sanitary regime.slopes should not be too crowded, and depends on the situation the orders could be changed.
health ministry will see at the level of daily results, and if we will have an increase in disease, will recommend closing the slopes.

The World Health Organisation emphasises that while skiing contracting the coronavirus is practically non – existent. The tourism industry recall the gigantic losses of the sector reaching billions of euros.

The European Commision can not put common restrictions for the countries due to different epidemic situation, no single rules could apply to the entire union.

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