Prime Minister Polish has extended the existing alert levels. The second alert level BRAVO in the Lublin and Podkarpackie provinces and the third alert level CHARLIE-CRP throughout the country has been imposed in Poland. This Alert will be in effect until 15 April 2022.

There are four alarm levels: ALFA, BRAVO, CHARLIE and the highest DELTA. They are used in the event of a threat on public administration, ICT systems or systems that are part of critical infrastructure. The CHARLIE-CRP degree was introduced for the first time in history on February 21, 2022 in connection with the increasingly tense situation in Ukraine. Since then, this alarm has been constantly prolonged. The fourth stage of DELTA has never been introduced in Poland.

The first CRP alarm level, ALFA is introduced  if information is obtained about the possibility of a terrorist event, the type and scope of which is difficult to predict.

The second CRP alert level, BRAVO is introduced in the event of an increased and foreseeable threat of a terrorist event, but the specific target of the attack has not been identified.

The third CRP alert level, CHARLIE is introduced in the event of: the occurrence of an event confirming the probable purpose of a terrorist attack, harming the security or public order, the security of the Republic of Poland or the security of another state or international organization and posing a potential threat to the Republic of Poland.

It can also be introduced after obtaining reliable and confirmed information about a planned terrorist event on the territory of the Republic of Poland, or obtaining reliable and confirmed information about a planned terrorist event, the effects of which may affect Polish citizens staying abroad or Polish institutions or Polish infrastructure located outside the Republic of Poland.


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