The 24-year-old, Sarath Radhakrishnan from Kerala, India, who is a student at Vistula university in Warsaw, Poland recently bagged the 173 Junior Men’s Physique Open Class title at the NPC International Cup of Poland.

At the competition dominated by participants from European countries, Sarath was the only Indian at the International Cup of Poland, which was held in Warsaw, Poland, on May 15th. Ever since he earned the ‘Mister Palakkad’ title under the 75kg classic physique category in 2016, Sarath Radhakrishnan has come a long way. Having set foot in prestigious competitions like NPC International Cup of Poland, Regional Qualifier, the 24-year-old recently bagged the 173 Junior Men’s Physique Open Class title at the competitions. Bodybuilding and maintenance is an art for this youngster, one he has given his life to.

For him, bodybuilding and fitness have always been an integral part of life. Staying one step ahead of participants with as much passion was not easy. Eight months of vigorous training under Lukas Sosinski, the Polish champion himself, and a strict diet and workout plan was Sarath’s path to the title.

“Majority of the population doesn’t speak English, and this includes the trainers. They would coach me in polish and whatever limited English they knew. Just having a good physique won’t help you win the competition. One should also know how to flex it, make it aesthetically pleasing for the judges. No matter how good your physique is, your confidence, calmness and attitude play a crucial role in the points you earn”, says Sarath

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