The vaccinated should have access to all types of services. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development, Labor and Technology Jarosław Gowin believes that the restrictions should be lifted off the economy by the end of May. On Monday in Poznań, he said that it is possible to think about opening, under sanitary conditions, e.g. restaurant gardens or a pool of places in hotels.

Hotels can be opened right after the May weekend, i.e. May 4. They are to be open while maintaining the sanitary regime and occupancy at 50 percent. available places

  • Trade and gastronomy could operate in restaurant gardens
  • In Poznań, Gowin said that so far these are proposals that have been worked out with entrepreneurs, and the final decision rests with the entire council of ministers
  • He also admitted that he is in favor of people who have taken two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have access “to all types of services “

“I believe that the entire Polish economy should be liberated by the end of May, although of course sanitary rigors and this positive trend in terms of the number of cases must be maintained,” stressed the deputy prime minister.

When asked when the lifting of restrictions for entrepreneurs was announced, the deputy prime minister said that ” government decisions will be made more or less in the middle of the week “.

The head of MRPiT stressed that he is a supporter of people who have taken two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to have access “to all types of services “. “It is not only about the comfort of these people. It is primarily about saving Polish hotels and Polish restaurants,” said the politician.

“This is the moment when we all have to show solidarity with entrepreneurs who, through no fault of their own, had to limit or even close their business. We show this solidarity through successive tranches of aid” – he added.

He emphasized that so far over PLN 200 billion has been earmarked for this purpose from the state budget. “This is the moment when you need to give entrepreneurs not only a fish, you need to give a fishing rod, that is, allow you to return to at least limited forms of economic activity as soon as possible” – emphasized Gowin.

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