We slept less last night, because from Saturday to Sunday there was a change from winter to summer time. Traditionally, daylight saving time change takes place on the last Sunday in March. This year it took place on March 28 – at 2.00 the time was changed to 3.00. We moved the hands of our watches forward by one hour – from 2.00 to 3.00

The regulations concerning the change of time are the effect of the directive of the European Union from January 2001, which is in force indefinitely. Since 2002, the summer time period ends in each Member State at 1.00 Universal Time (GMT) on the last Sunday in October. In Poland, the time change was introduced for the first time in the interwar period, then in 1946-1949 and 1957-1964. It has been in force continuously since 1977. Until 1995, the transition from summer to winter time took place a month earlier on the last Sunday in September. The transition from winter to summer was similar – on the last Sunday of March.

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