Blue lights of police cars flashed in front of the railway station in Przemyśl which is at the border of Poland – Ukraine. They were advising foreigners: “You better go to the station. Do not walk alone. If you have to, walk in groups.”

In the center of Przemysl, a group of Polish guys are patrolling the streets. They let only Ukrainians to enter the Railway station. They start beating up if they see Indians, Africans and other foreigners and they shout “”Przemyśl zawsze polski!” (Think always of Poland!)

Attackers patrol the streets by cars, they have baseball bats and bottles! One of the witnesses who saw such incidents says, “ On the street I met several foreigners from Ukraine. They asked for directions to the station. When I was showing where to go, a few cars stopped by us. A group of guys got out with bottles and started throwing on those foreigners saying “Poland is for ukraine friends only, do not enter Polska!”

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