In the coming week, less vaccines will come to Poland – said Michał Dworczyk, the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister during a press conference. As a result, points will have to postpone vaccination dates. – Common vaccination points will also be launched more slowly – added the minister.

During Saturday’s press briefing with the head of RARS, Michał Kuczmierowski, Dworczyk informed about “certain turbulences regarding the coming week and the implementation of the National Immunization Program”.

The head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister noted that this would have two consequences. – Firstly, it will affect the already operating over seven thousand vaccination points where these vaccinations are carried out, because today there are practically no vaccines in RARS warehouses , therefore there are practically no supply points, and unfortunately just a few of these deliveries are not available. will be, or will be shifted a lot – he said.

The second consequence, as Dworczyk informed, is that the activation of mainstream vaccination points will be slower. – We thought that already in the second quarter of such situations – to which we are accustomed in the first quarter, the first three months of this year – there will be no such situation – said the government plenipotentiary for the vaccination program. – Unfortunately, you can see that we must also be prepared for it now – he added.

But the 1,100,000 vaccines that were planned for next week for inoculation and use, simply will not be sent to Poland.

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