For the speedy recovery from the devastating situation in India due to the second wave of covid-19, Razvi Events organized a group meeting in zoom today, where we IPnews cohosted the event. Event was very successful and it was truly amazing experience to see all praying together for one good cause. People from many nations where participating in this event; Americans, Poles, Indians, South Africans, Brazilians are the nationalities to name a few.

Organizer of the Event, Agnieszka Polewacka, Director of Razvi Events, Warsaw said, “Though Science will play its role through vaccination and other medicines, we believe that God should be with india as well so that the situation will come under control”.

“I did not expect that we will have more than 100 participants. However, about 220 people joined in. My sincere apologies to those whom we could not accept into the meeting, as only 100 participants were allowed in free zoom meeting” added Polewacka

The prayer meeting lasted 15min and people prayed to the faith, which they believe in. But it showed the unity of many religions for the good cause. Mr.Fernandes, the head of the Catholic Archdiocese of Madurai, India had joined the prayer.

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