In the World Chess Tournament 2021, it was a battle of generations with 15-year-old Praggnanandhaa taking on 57-year-old Michal Krasenkow. Praggnanandhaa outwitted the experienced Poland player Michal Krasenkow in 45 moves in a Petroff Millennium Attack game to go 1-0 ahead.

Krasenkow had made his way to round 3 of the World Cup 2021 by beating Kirill Alekseenko. So, the Polish GM was in great form. After 20 odd moves into the game, everyone felt that the game was peter out into equality. But just like how Karpov would do in his best days – squeeze water from stone, that’s exactly what little Praggnanandhaa did. He played on and on and found some deft maneuvres with his rook! Before you knew it, he had outplayed Krasenkow. This game has a lot to teach you about technique in chess.

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