This hospital in Poznan, from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, only treats people suffering from COVID-19. On Friday, November 20 at 3.00 am, a 60-year-old resident of PoznaƄ was brought to the hospital.  He was taken to the Hospital Emergency Department, where he underwent standard examinations, including computed tomography. Then he was admitted to the urology ward because there was an empty bed in that ward. The 60-year-old had comorbidities. – Has undergone antibiotic therapy and oxygen therapy. Blood saturation was 93-95 percent. But he was feeling restless, which is characteristic of this disease. The 60-year-old lay was in a double room with another patient who is a bedridden person with advanced dementia.

On Friday 20th November 2020, at around 5.15pm, he opened the window and jumped out from the sixth floor. He was killed instantly