Nevomo, previously known as Hyper Poland, has just completed its third round of crowdfunding. One million euro will be allocated for the construction of a full-scale test track. Nevomo wants to become a technology supplier for the railway modernization. The industry is going to experience a similar revolutionary moment as the car industry, which only a few years ago wondered whether electric and autonomous cars would be its future.

“Our technology is helping to transform a fossil fuel-dependent transport system into efficient and emission-free. At the same time, we are doubling the average speed of conventional railways while maintaining competitive costs” – says Nevomo

The trains will speed up to 550 km / hour. Moreover, that’s without a Hyperloop This will be made possible by the levitation railway technology – magrail, which can use the existing infrastructure. So you can imagine that the same tracks will be used by conventional trains as well as magnetic ones.

The first contract in Europe is already waiting to be signed Nevomo is not yet revealing where the first commercial implementation of the technology will take place.

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