Polish president, Andrzej Duda reacted to the nationwide movement #OtwieraMY (We Are Opening) of hundreds of frustrated business owners who are opening their restaurants, hotels and similar businesses to avoid going bankrupt under the prolonged lockdown in Poland.

“I can understand the impatience and often even the despair of people, who see the work of their entire lives falling apart. But punishing people who are desperate and breaking the government rules & regulation is a terrible must.” – Duda said in an interview.

However, business owners say the government help falls far short of their needs. The #OtwieraMY movement describes itself as being an answer to a “crisis provoked by politicians” that it says is much more dangerous than the pandemic. Social media is filling with videos and images from across Poland of parties at clubs and bars.

Daily new cases in Poland are going down rapidly.

25 November 2020  : 15,365 cases

25 December 2020  : 8,907 cases

25 January 2021       : 2,419 cases

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