“In many countries, there is a discussion about limiting access to various public services for the unvaccinated people. We are also considering it, for example, only the vaccinated will have simplified access to certain medical services” – said the head of the Ministry of Health, Adam Niedzielski, in an interview with Wprost.

He announced that the government is planning to introduce an Internet Patient Account application with a QR code that each vaccinated will be able to have in the memory of their phone. And print it if necessary, so that even people who do not use smartphones can have it physically with them. The government will increase benefits for vaccinated people, similar to other countries in Europe that are already preparing such plans.

And he explained that if the majority of Poles could not be persuaded to vaccinate, the government would consider limiting their access to various public services. Of course, this does not apply to emergencies and critical situations.

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